Balle Vellaiyathevaa Review & Rating

Balle Vellaiyathevaa Review & Rating

A comedy caper from sasikumar’s hut. An actor whose films predominantly set in a rural village, has taken a new route. This time humour.

Kovai Sarala plays the key role of a old woman around whom the story revolves.

As Selfie Kaathayee she has managed to recreate veteran Manorama on screen. Her one-liners and comical punches are good.

Sasikumar has oimmense copnfidence in Kovai sarala and allows her to take the mantle.He plays a second fiddle to her in many screens.

Solaiprakash as filmmaker has done a great job. He throws light on how technology has made inroads in rural areas. How it impacted lives of villagers.

Sasikumar and his mother (Rohini), who works in postal department comes to a village. Sasi meets Selfie Kaathayee. And they become friends. Sasi falls for Tanya, a bubbly girl in the village. What happens when Sasi joins hands with Kaathayee and fights a battle for justice.

Sasi is the scene stealer. he plays his part well while Sangili Murgan as old man is good in his emotions. Tanya the new find is good and she as rural girl is believable. And Kovai Sarala is delight to watch.

Darbukka Siva’s songs are catchy and racy. Bale Vellaiyathevaa is for those who love comedy.

Enjoy the fun and engross in the entertainer.